30cm /11.8 inch HQ Non Stick Chapati Roti Tawa Tava Griddle Pan Hot Plate 15289C


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Non Stick 

Size: 30cm / 11.80” Diameter Approx.

3 Layers Coating

1:-Ceramic reinforced Top Coat for the most durable non-stick effect and the best cleanability.

2:-Highly ceramic reinforced Mid Coat for the best wear resistance and the optimum bonding of all layers

3:-Highly ceramic reinforced Base Coat, for the optimum adhesion to the substrate and the longest durability

3 Coat Ceramic Reinforced Right Through

3.0 mm Extra Thick Aluminum for Even Cooking

Consumes Less Energy and Gas

Easy Clean Outside Body

Package Includes:

Tawa Pan

Information & Care instructions

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Main Colour



30cm / 11.80” Approx.



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Heavy duty




Non stick Tawa/Roti, dosa Tawa,


Dishwasher Safe, Easy Clean, Insulated Handle, Non-Stick