4pc Non Stick Marble Coated Stockpot Casserole Cooking Pot SQUARE Cookware Set


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Choice of 3 Colours!


20 cm     9.7 cm           3L

24 cm     10 cm            4.5L

28 cm     12 cm            7L

32 cm     13.3 cm    9L

Nea range is durable and these resilient stockpots are manufactured from heavy weight die-cast aluminium which distributes heat evenly. Marble coating on the inside allows for healthier cooking with less fat. Stockpots come with tempered glass lids for easy viewing and are suitable for cooking on most types of hobs, including induction cookers.


Always cook on low to medium heat, setting and ensure that the source of heat does not exceed the diameter of the base.

Do not leave an empty stockpot on the high heat for prolongued time. To preheat wipe the marble surface with a cloth moistened with a little oil. cover and leave on a low to medium heat until warm.

Always use plastic, silicone or wooden utensils to extend the life of the marble coating.

Stockpots can be used in the oven without lids, up to a maximum temperature of 500°G For fan and halogen ovens always adjust temperatures in line with oven manufacturers guidelines.



-Immediately after cooking allow the cookware to completely cool on a heat resistant surface.

-Do not attempt to cool the hot cookware by pounog cold water onto it. Wash with warm soapy water and dry thoroughly with soft cloth.

-Never use abrasive cleaners, steel wool, coarse scourers or brushes to avoid damage to the coating.

-To remove heavily burnt on food fill the stockpot with warm soapy water and leave overnight, then wash as usual

Package Includes:

Nea Marble Coated Range

4PC Non-stick Square Stockpot Set

Information & Care instructions

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