5pc GRANITE Non Stick Die-Cast Casserole Pan Pot Set INDUCTION Cookware D. Brown


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Inner Dia.                       20cm        24cm      28cm      30cm       32cm

Height (approx.)        9.0 cm    11.5cm   12.5cm    13.5cm   14.5cm

Capacity (approx.)    2 Litre     4 Litre    6 Litre     8 Litre    10 Litre

One of the hardest surfaces in the world is granite, a multi-coloured igneous rock that forms the Earth’s crust. The name comes from Latin ‘granum’ for a coarse grain. The grainy pattern and amazing colour combinations are a result of mineral composition.

Granum is a new generation of cookware, durable, resistant and with unprecedented non-stick qualities, replicating the quality and characteristics of granite.

Nessa cookware features an elegant, modern design that complements contemporary as well as classically styled kitchens.

It can be used for all types of cooking and is suitable for gas, electric, ceramic, halogen and induction hobs. Nessa Cookware comes with 2 years manufacturer’s warranty.

Package Includes:

1 X 5pc Cookware Set

Information & Care instructions

2 Years Manufacturers Warranty (T&C Applies)

Exclusive after sales services.

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Manufacturer's warranty.

2 years



Main Colour

Coraille – Dark Brown

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Die-Cast Granite

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SQ Professional

Set Includes

Die-Cast Casserole, Tempered Glass Lid


Ceramic Coated, Induction Base, Tempered Glass Lid, Dishwasher Safe, Easy Clean, Non-Stick, With Lid