Nea 24cm SAUTE PAN Induction Gas Electric Hob Non Stick Glass Lid Deep Fry B-W


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Colour – White Inside With Black Outside 

Size: 24cm (Diameter)

Depth: 5cm Approx.

Non-stick coated, Inductionable  

Clear Glass lid with steam vent 

High quality frying pan on daily basis as you save time and effort. This frying pan is aesthetic and practical, designed to accommodate for different cooking methods.

Non-stick coating helps you create a healthier diet with a minimum use of oil without losing out on flavour. This frying pan is suitable for most types of hobs, including induction cookers.

You will also enjoy its easy care and cleaning as pan is dish washer safe.

Package Includes:

NEA Pro Cookware Non-stick coated Saute pan

Information & Care instructions

Exclusive after sales services.

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5cm Approx.



Main Colour

White Inside With Black Outside






Nea Pro Cookware


Saute Pan


Inductionable, Dishwasher Safe, Easy Clean, Insulated Handle, Non-Stick, With Lid